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Creek bed in Lyme, NH..


This is my personal domain, where I code, test, develop and yes even break things on purpose.

This site is using my latest API™, which is class based and secure!

The Parent Domain (The Company that I own) will be back online very soon. .tech, .info and .co will redirect to .net as it will be the parent domain for all businesses under it. Why? because .net stands for a network domain.

"Unnecessary complexity is the devil of software development. Complexity leads to software that is buggy, and expensive to maintain. The easiest way to make code overly complex is to put dependencies everywhere."

Sentry™ is Active!

Sentry™ OnDuty 24/7, Keeping this domain safe

You visit this site, like so many do, but please understand that I am aware of your IP address. It is checked against multiple remote systems and custom internal scripts.

If it is found to be a malicious IP (Spammer, Hacker, Harvester, Scraper, etc) or from a Known Threat Country, you will be banned automatically and yes, pemanently!

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If you see the Sentry Image on the bottom of this site, it's active and running!

$this->guy('hopes you have a great day');